Providing #SkillsforLife for young people in Penrith

From the Group Scout Leader: Oct 2014

Welcome back, after what I hope has been a good half term holiday.

This term has already seen the Beavers touring the Churchyard and climbing St. Andrews Tower! The Cubs and Scouts have camping at Great Tower Campsite, near Windermere, knee deep (ok maybe I am exaggerating) in mud. The second half term this autumn kicks off with our Bonfire Night Social, followed by some exciting activities including a Spooky Weekend for the beavers and scouts.

occhelper quoteAt our AGM I talked about how much we need to get adult volunteers into our group. They are not only essential for working with young people, but are also needed for the back-of-house running of the group. In particular we are still looking for a group chairman, and some new scout leaders.

Parents play a big part in filling these roles, and most of our adult volunteers are parents of current or former members of 2nd Penrith. Some give time weekly , others give termly or even yearly. The benefits of volunteering are huge, and I have talked previously about the exciting adventures I have done, new skills that I have learnt and how it has helped me get into University and a job!

The challenge is trying to engage new parents, and get them involved. This could be done in a number of ways; through the parent rota, emails, letters and most importantly talking! It is not until you make time to talk to your parents, that you find out their hobbies and interests, how much time the have free, how much they would be willing to give to scouting and how you can apply what they enjoy doing to our group!

The harder challenge is to engage the general public, but it is essential if we are to survive as a Scout Group. There are lots of people out there with the skills, knowledge and a bit of time that could lend a hand. For example, we need a team to help maintain our hut. Surely there is a handyman/woman out there with a bit of time that they could use to help. By doing so, he/she would be helping the group and ability for us to provide good scouting to the young people of Penrith. You could even get the scouts involved to do their DIY badge at the same time.

Essentially, no matter what you can do, we can put you to use!

So I challenge you all: Ask yourself ‘What can I do?’, ask other people ‘What can you do?’ and if you/they are not sure, then ask me, because I can tell you what needs doing!