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Family Camp was Awesome!

cratestacking On Friday the 21st to Monday the 24th May, 2nd Penrith Scouts held a family camp. I didn’t know what to expect, as I thought there was only going to be two scouts. However there was three scouts and I met Nathan, who is Robs son,I hadn’t seen him in years. The actual camp was brilliant, the activities were fun, we learned loads, went bell boating , shelter building, knot tying, orienteering and lots more!

We did are activities in groups, I was in group three; we did all of are activities in these groups, and I benefited as a scout because the scouts helped with the cooking I also led people in the washing up.campfire3

However, the best thing about camp was the camp fires, once again I wasn’t allowed to help “I wonder why?” But on a serious note the camp fire is always the best part of camp but I didn’t expect the parents to know some of the songs! There is usually a fire going on in camp, but then we have a big fire. However, there isn’t usually two camp fires, but on the Sunday night we were visited by 17th Barrow scouts, we sang, did sketches, all the scouts did “The John Lewis sketch” I was John Lewis! We learnt the shrinking machine. The best part of meeting the Barrow scouts was we traded neckers over some nice hot chocolate!

If some one asked me if there should be another family camp I would definitely say YES!

James D