Accident Form

2nd Penrith Scout Group: Accident Form

  • Use this form to report an accident or incident at 2nd Penrith Scout Group. This report will be sent to the Group Scout Leader, and copied to you via email.

Person Reporting Incident


About the Incident


Details of Injuries


Person who was injured


Scout Accident Reporting

    Scout Emergency Procedures

  • 01. Alert the appropriate emergency services, if required.
    02. Alert your Group Scout Leader or District Commissioner, through this form or by direct contact.
    03. Alert the emergency contact of those individuals involved.
    04. If you are abroad, alert any agencies that you are required to by the insurers.

    In the event of a serious accident, incident or loss of life:
    • Contact the Duty Media Officer: 020 8433 7100
    A recorded message detailing the contact telephone number of the Duty Media Officer is available after hours.

    Air and deep water accidents:
    For accidents during air activities or during water activities in coastal or deep sea waters; notify the appropriate government agency.

    Informing Headquarters:
    In the following circumstances, you must inform Headquarters via the Scout Information Centre (0845 300 1818) at the earliest opportunity:
    • Someone suffers a personal injury requiring a doctor, dentist or hospital.
    • Someone requires a rescue involving an emergency service.
    • Someone dies.
    • Third party property is damaged