Benefits of Volunteering

volunteer-cv1Many of our volunteers tell us that they get more out of Scouting than they put in. Scouting is a voyage of discovery for everyone.

Career Opportunities

As a volunteer, you’ll develop skills that will be useful in your life and work. You’ll get so much out of working with young people, such as:

  • Improving your leadership and teamwork skills
  • Learning to support and manage
  • Discovering hidden talents like fundraising, media relations and event management
  • Developing administrative skills as a Scouting Secretary or Treasurer
  • Getting active and having lots of fun too!




The role of a Scout volunteer is also good for your CV, as it suggests that you’re someone who joins in, takes the lead, is supportive and can build successful relationships. All of these qualities are valuable in the workplace and are prized and sought after by employers.

The Feel Good Factor

It’s very rewarding helping young people to face new challenges and learn to overcome them. Seeing them grow in confidence will put a smile on your face. As a Scouting volunteer you’ll get plenty out of it too. You’ll:

  • Enjoy new experiences
  • Try different activities
  • Visit new places
  • Learn and share skills
  • Meet new people
  • Have the chance to gain externally recognised qualifications


There’s nothing like the buzz of adventure, exploring possibilities and doing surprising new things. Helping your local community has never been so exhilarating! As a Scouting volunteer, you could find yourself:

  • Putting on a play
  • Inspiring creative thinking
  • Abseiling down a cliff
  • Nurturing entrepreneurial skills
  • Soaring in the air on a paraglider
  • Encouraging young people to campaign for issues they believe in
  • Helping children to develop practical skills like learning to use a computer
  • Trekking across the moors
  • Supporting young people, as they see new things and do things they’ve never done before


Our volunteers develop skills that enable them to do amazing things beyond Scouting.